What Is A Qualified Estate Agent?

What Is A Qualified Estate Agent?

Published 26th July By Claire Fenton
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Is your estate agent qualified? Phil Spencer on the importance of choosing a good agent

ESTATE AGENTS are key when it comes to buying and selling a property. But are the ones you're using qualified? And, how do you know whether they're regulated and trained? Phil Spencer shines a light on why it's important to use a qualified estate agent and the risks involved in not using one.

Phil Spencer offers advice on what to ask estate agents

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When you buy a property, buyers don’t have much choice which agent they go through. However, when it comes to selling a home, vendors might have a plethora of agents to choose from. But many people don't know what they're looking for when it comes to choosing an estate agent. In almost every area of property, the professionals people deal with such as mortgage advisors and solicitors are regulated and qualified.

Even the person that does an EPC rating on a property does a one-day course.

Estate agents are not regulated and qualified in the same way.

However, those who sign up and are members of Propertymark, a membership organisation for estate agents, have to reach a certain standard to become a member.

TV property expert and founder of Move iQPhil Spencer, is working with Propertymark to make consumers aware of what a good estate agent looks like and the difference between a qualified one and a non-qualified one.

“You wouldn’t book a holiday with a travel agent who wasn’t qualified or regulated,” Phil explained exclusively to Express.co.uk.

“…Or a mortgage broker, or a solicitor. You wouldn’t dream of dealing with those important things in your life unless they were regulated or qualified to do that.

Phil Spencer property estate agents qualified propertymark exclusive Phil Spencer: Property expert explains the importance of choosing a qualified estate agent (Image: GETTY)

“And yet, it seems we don’t ask our estate agents - who are dealing with our most valuable asset - ‘are you qualified to do that?’”

What is a qualified estate agent?

The Propertymark qualification ensures estate agents are up-to-date with all the latest legislation, and are professional.

A Propertymark agent has signed themselves up to be a member and is continually training themselves.

“The key thing for me is a Propertymark agent has dedicated themselves by volunteering to a code of professional conduct and standard and therefore self-improvement and that says a lot about a business,” Phil said.

It’s not mandatory to sign up and be a member of Propertymark.

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